Welcome to Saxxman land !!!!

Thought I would put up a little home video!

PS...The music is The Brecker Brothers.

Vail Car Show - 2014

So, my Condo is for sale

ATF Day in Colorado!

See my photos from Katie & Chuck's wedding here!

See photos from St George area golf, Nov 2011 here!

Just opened a Youtube page, check it out! HERE

See Kiley and Grandpa playing golf here!

OK, my 2008 vacation includes; Kiley's 4th Birthday

and...Golf with Randy and Jerry

Alysia's graduation days

Randy and I on golf vacation in Mesquite and St. George

Rod, Chad and Katie at the golf course

A new Kiley photo set....

Before and after kitchen remodel

Went to the Zappa Plays Zappa concert WOW!!!!!

Steve's new car!

Randy's golf trip to Colorado

Oh my God...Music in 1974!

New Audio system

Announcing Kiley Ann Wendt, my new Grandaughter!

update: 09/05 New Kiley pictures

Dan & Michelle throw Steve a party!

Steve's new condo is finally painted!

Steve's Vacation 2003

Christmas '02'

Rams vs Raiders 10/13/02

Moving to Colorado

... a few days at Rod & Julie's (WOW is it beautiful!)

... a day at the zoo

...Christmas '1999'

...Katie's Graduation

...Christmas '2000'

...Jillian's Graduation

...Jillian & Stephen's wedding

June 4, 1954.......Date I arrived earth this time...
Mostly grew up in Redding, Ca. as a musician. Took me some years to realize that this was not my kind of town. Now living in the S.F. bay area. Well, not any more! I just moved again, to Vail Colorado. (...and boy is it BEAUTIFUL here)
My two daughters, Jillian (Jet) and Alysia are seventeen and twenty-four in these pictures. They're both awesome. They're very bright and fun to be around! Alysia is in Junior College now and Jillian is raising Kiley and putting Stephen through College.
I'm a huge Zappa fan! But since I play Sax, I love a lot of jazz; Coltrane, Brecker Bro's, and David Sanborn especially! Also Sting, the Beatles, Rikki Lee Jones and Joni Mitchell. That's a long way from all!
But Zappa's still my hero!!!!!!!!!!
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